Long Stay Tequendama Suites and Hotel, Bogotá

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Planning a long stay in Bogotá?

Book as many months as you need

Planning a long stay in Bogotá? Access all our hotel’s services with a special rate for stays of 30 nights or more. No minimum term contract clauses; come to make the most of the experience in the heart of Bogotá.

Rate subject to terms and conditions. A minimum of 30 nights must be booked. Rate is non-refundable, so you cannot shorten your stay. The stay must be continuous; if you require additional nights, you will be charged at the rate at that time unless you book another long stay plan to enjoy its benefits.

Why should you book your long stay rate now?

  • Book as many months as you need, no minimum term contract clauses *T&C apply*

  • Fully furnished suites-apartments with a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and private bathroom, and the best views of the city

  • Access to the hotel's social areas, restaurant, wet areas (sauna and Turkish baths), and gym

  • Utilities included (water, electricity, gas and internet)

  • Bar on the 30th floor

  • Special parking rate * T&C apply*

  • The best location in the heart of Bogotá, a stone’s throw from the capital’s historical and financial center

  • Logistics team available around the clock

  • Personalized service from our entire team

  • Room cleaning twice a week. *T&C apply